WITP is now ArtCan!

I recently joined a fantastic group of artists as part of an collaborative organisation called WITP (originally themed around a pop-up exhibition called 'What is the Point?'). This organisation has grown over the last four years, and this name no longer seemed appropriate. Instead, the organisation has chosen to reflect the myriad of ways that art can change the world - they are now simply 'ArtCan'.

The ArtCan Manifesto:

ArtCan believes that artists need time to establish their practice.

ArtCan seeks to complement and support established gallery structures by enabling emerging talent to be experienced and purchased.

ArtCan believes that a no-commission sales structure helps ensure that the artist can focus on developing their art rather than trying to make ends meet.

Developing a fine art practice can result in isolation and so providing a network of like-minded peers can enrich thinking.

ArtCan understands that artists need access to resources and specialists to help maximise the chances of sustaining their practice.

To find out more about this brilliant collective of artists, visit www.artcan.org.uk

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